BTS: Tigress

For two weekends in September I got the opportunity to Key Grip for Kiera Wilson’s BFA project, Tigress. Below are some pictures of a few setups for this project.

A 575w HMI on a C-Stand Body in a Mole Location Stand to act as moonlight through a second story window. (Photo: Spencer Mathesen)
Tigress: WallSpreader
Wall Spreader with a 4×2 Kino Flo and some small fresnels. (Photo: Spencer Mathesen)
Shooting in the Ocean (Photo: Spencer Mathesen)
Overhead of the Green Screen rig I put together, lit by 10 – 4×4 Kino Flo fixtures. It came out to be a 19′ circle.

I’ll post more about the process for conceptualizing this rig in a bit.