BTS: Echoes

Mid May 2016 I had the opportunity to work as the Gaffer for Erik Fattrosso on his BFA thesis film Echoes. Below are a few pictures of setups from the hectic week of filming.

Lights in the woods
HMIs Bounced through Grid to create Moonlight (Photo: Sam Wildstein)
Lights by a pond.
HMIs bounced through grid to create moonlight. (Photo: Sam Wildstein)
Lights outside windows.
575w HMI and Fiilex Q1000 LED bounced through diffusion to create a moonlight effect. (Photo: Sam Wildstein)
Picture of basement set from Echoes
575w Fresnel, 300w Fresnel, Practical Bulb, with Mini Kino Hairlight. (Photo: Sam Wildstein)

The two night time exterior setups were not ideal, as they didn’t give the top down appearance of moonlight. They were also prone to massive side spill and dramatic drop off.