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BTS: Inside Boxes

This project was my third set experience overall. I was the Best Boy Grip and Grip Truck Driver for this half of principal production. We shot in two basement level apartment. All equipment was staged in the driveway adjacent to the location, meaning the G&E team got to spend a lot of time outside.

On the second location a few members of the crew parked in an enforced parking lot behind the apartment building we were shooting at. I was out with the truck and a tow truck squeezed by, the driver got out and started looking for parking permits on the cars. I ran inside and alerted the rest of the members of production to this. Everyone rushed outside and we were able to get out with only having to pay the driver to let one car off the hook. It was a crazy experience.

We also had to store all the equipment in my suite after wrap, until we could return it.

All equipment from the production of Inside Boxes in my suite
A 14′ Uhaul full of equipment threw up into my suite’s common room.