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BTS: Echoes

Mid May 2016 I had the opportunity to work as the Gaffer for Erik Fattrosso on his BFA thesis film Echoes. Below are a few pictures of setups from the hectic week of filming.

Lights in the woods
HMIs Bounced through Grid to create Moonlight (Photo: Sam Wildstein)
Lights by a pond.
HMIs bounced through grid to create moonlight. (Photo: Sam Wildstein)
Lights outside windows.
575w HMI and Fiilex Q1000 LED bounced through diffusion to create a moonlight effect. (Photo: Sam Wildstein)
Picture of basement set from Echoes
575w Fresnel, 300w Fresnel, Practical Bulb, with Mini Kino Hairlight. (Photo: Sam Wildstein)

The two night time exterior setups were not ideal, as they didn’t give the top down appearance of moonlight. They were also prone to massive side spill and dramatic drop off.


BTS: @ The Verb

Verb hotel keycard on pad of Verb hotel paper

This past weekend I had the opportunity to work on a video shoot with C-49 Productions at the Verb Hotel in Boston. Since the verb is a retro themed hotel, we were able to rock a 70’s period vibe.

(click any of the images for a larger view)

pano of hotel room for verb shoot
Panorama shot of the hotel room with Green and Blue kino bulbs. The green bulbs are resting atop the headboard of the bed. The three blue bulbs are (from left to right) taped to the wall and supported on the bottom by an apple box, taped to a coleman, taped to the cord for the overhead lamp.


verb hotel shoot showing overhead light rig
Here you can see the rig for the overhead Fiilex a little better, just after a take of spraying hairspray (olive oil).
pano of kino bulbs around pool
For the shots around the pool I laid out kino bulbs in alternating colors along the pool and taped two vertically on the two rightmost umbrellas.
red old car at gas station
We were stealing a shot at a shell station in Cambridge (the one with the conventional light display). We used a SUV to block the headlights from the semi that was delivering fuel and lit the scene with two Area 48 LED lights running off IDX batteries.